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The Fife Canary Book 


The Latest Edition of Terry Kelly's Best Selling Book

'The Fife Canary'

The Fife Canary Book - by Terry Kelly

The Fife Canary Book

This latest edition of the book is a fully illustrated definitive guide, covering all aspects of canary management. It contains all the content of the original edition, being packed full of information and advice which will benefit both novice and experienced bird-keepers alike. In addition to sharing the secrets of his success, Terry considers tips which have worked for other breeders and explains how his routine has evolved over time. 

Beautiful paintings and photographs of top winning birds are the ideal accompaniment to the text which has new material covering; 

  • Developing a quality stud

  • Family linkage issues

  • The role of cock canaries

  • Essentials for the quality Fife

  • How to double up on good points

There is also a section on the management of Fifes, including conditioning birds for breeding, removal of eggs, foods for rearing young and weaning. This section also suggests some ideas for fanciers who struggle with time constraints.

  Fife Canary DVD's 4 and 5 compliment the book


This latest edition of 'The Fife Canary' book is only available from the author, Terry Kelly. 

See the homepage for details. 

Please let me know if you would like a signed copy of the book.

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