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What Do People Say?

In July 2011 I was delighted to read a letter in Cage and Aviary Birds sent in by a fancier who has had birds from me over a number of years. This is what he said:

“Over the years I have won many fife shows and specials with this bloodline and have returned to Terry several times for quality birds to keep my stud pure.

 Many people have commented on the quality of my birds and asked how I achieved such a stud where all the birds looked like peas in a pod. I always replied “Terry Kelly” (never being too proud to admit who put me on the road to success). I would say that Terry’s 1987 National winner was, in my opinion, years ahead of it’s time-and that applied to all of Terry’s birds.

Looking at the quality of the Fifes we now see on the show bench it is to his credit that his stud still stands out as one of the best in the world”.

Over the past few years, the green Fifes I have supplied to fanciers in Malta, Germany, South Korea and South Africa have produced young which have taken the top Fife award in their respective countries. At the North of England Fife Fancy Canary Show in November 2011 two of the “top table” Fifes were bred from parents supplied by me.

Every year my Fifes go to several European countries including France where Didier Faessel e-mailed me “I was impressed by the qualities of your green birds, but anyway, your clears are a dream to watch… as judge I have never seen such quality birds on the continent….anyway your birds are by far the best I have ever seen,,,.,you have the best Fifes in the world…..bought some birds from you and never changed the blood….you are really an outstanding Fife breeder”

What Have I Done?

The last few years have seen a big increase in requests for me as a Judge for Fife specialist shows in the UK and increasingly in Europe and the USA. This has meant that I cannot show every year however I still continue to take top awards at specialist Fife shows in the North of England and Wales. 

Who Can I Help?

I always have opportunities for newcomers to purchase excellent birds to establish top quality studs. Novices I have helped in the past, such as Jack Nicholson, are now winning many prestigious awards as Champions.

If you would like the opportunity to obtain Fifes from one of the best Fife studs in the world then please telephone me on (0044) +1484 662873 or email me.


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